Sportypants: A Sportsing Trivia Show

What do this week’s special guests NBA Superstar Baron Davis and IndyCar All Star JR Hildebrand do when they can’t sportsing? That’s right, they royally trounce our hosts Eric and Brent. Play from home, and some lucky competitors will face-off against our panelists live on Zoom.

Help us dribble the puck up the court… or something like that. This is for those of you who miss sports and have even resorted to starting a paper football fantasy league. Our next edition is Wednesday, May 13th at 7 pm PT/10pm ET

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NOTE: Guest content is unfiltered. Expect this to be equivalent to an R-rated movie (for language and sexual innuendo). Not suitable for children unless you want to spend the rest of the night explaining what ass chaps are.

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