The clowns at work getting you down? Check out our Mid-Week Specials below and reserve your spot at some of our most popular attractions and best deals we have to offer!

Tues, Wed, and Thurs Specials

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays $30 gets you 1 drink, a $15 playing card for arena and story rooms, and 10 arcade and midway plays.

Sunday Special: Free Karaoke @6 PM

Sunday Special: Free Karaoke plus...1 happy hour drink, $15 playing Card for Story Rooms and VR Arena, and 10 Midway/Arcade* plays. *Excludes VRsenal and merchandisers.

Tuesday through Friday 6-9PM
$6 Beers, Drinks, Bytes

Join us for the best happy hour in town (or the Arts District at least)

We’re not entirely sure how normal society treats birth anniversaries, but around these here Circus parts, they are celebrated!

What if you REALLY wanna party? A birthday surprise is not enough for you? Well you’re in luck, cause we throw some mean full-on birthday parties as well!

Two Bit Gift Card deals are here! Spend $50, get an additional $10 added to your gift card, OR Spend $100, to get an additional $25 added to your gift card!

Unwrap a special Two Bit Circus Gift Card offer today! Lemme guess... you're dreading the gifting ritual so you're planning to buy your basic retailer gift cards for people you're too lazy to give thoughtful gifts to. Well, here's your chance to get them something actually thoughtful but equally lazy: Loaded with credits for playing games and going nuts at the Park, these Playing Cards are the gift everyone's gonna be jealous about. Go ahead and grab some right here!

The big party is back at Two Bit on December 31st, 6:00pm - 12:00am.

Hey you like to party? Cause we like to party too. Why don't we get together on the last night of the decade and indulge in our common interests?