Two Bit Circus has just announced our upcoming new micro-amusement park in Los Angeles. This facility will be a 30,000+ square feet immersive entertainment space filled to the rafters with mad social-play inventions. In preparation for designing this facility we thought: What better place to start than designing our own robot bartender?!

So, that’s what we did.

As we were designing this contraption, we decided it wouldn’t be cool enough to simply use robotics to pump out drinks on demand. No, we wanted a fully animated, robot bartender character to physically mix, shake, and pour your favorite drink and banter with you while you wait. After all, a good bartender doesn’t just make great drinks. They also make great conversations.

Introducing, Gearmo, Two Bit Circus’ first fully animated, wise-cracking, drink mixing, robot bartender. What do you get when you take the lights from a crashed airplane cockpit, a scrapped old engine block, some strong servos and a bucket full of spare parts, and dump it all into a cabinet styled after classic jukebox design? In our experience, you get a surprisingly good gimlet and a bunch of laughs. Just an ordinary day under the big top.