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Superfly and Two Bit Circus Launch Music and Tech Event Series: SuperBit

October 17, 2019

The event is modeled after Two Bit Circus’ wildly popular Beta Nights, where a curated group of developers and creators showcase, test, and get feedback on new projects auditioning for a chance to join the park. In the same fashion, SuperBit will invite the creative music-tech community to test and experience new paradigms for fans to engage with music and for artists to share their stories. Attendance to this event is free.

The SuperBit event series kicks off on November 7th at 6pm.

Billed as a Music-Focused Beta Night, the event launches with projects from:


Runnin’ by Intel Studios – Creative duo Reggie Watts and Kiira Benzing leverage state-of-the-art technology to transport you to a retro-future dance party in the first VR experience to showcase Intel Studios’ volumetric video.

Plantwave by Data Garden — PlantWave is a device that attaches to plants and translates their biometrics into music, allowing them to control instruments in realtime.

Sinespace by Sine Wave Entertainment — Play games, socialize, customize your avatar, create and sell content in this fast-growing, massively multicreator, open world sandbox game.

Synth Riders by Kluge Interactive — Notes fly and beats pulse in this cyberpunk VR rhythm game, now featuring the music of Miro Shot!

Miro ShotMiro Shot uses cutting edge immersive technology for live performance to disrupt the status quo of live music by presenting a new version of what a band is, and what a music performance can be.


X.X.T. (Xia Xia Technique) — An audiovisual sensory explosion inspired by surrealist art, technicolor dreamscapes, and one-of-a-kind experiential performances. Joining forces with comedic ensemble Wet The Hippo, they invite you to assimilate into its absurdist techno-daydream.

Dead By Midnight — An immersive concert experience that brings a comic book to life! DBM is an English electronic rock band comprised of super agents Byron and G. With the help of their techno geek manager Alan, they travel through time solving crimes by day and rocking the world by night.

The Guest and The Host: Make Music — A recording experience that literally anyone can participate in. Connect, play and create a song.

RedPill VR — DJ set combined with a VR social experience that connects us all through the power of music, creativity, and art in stunning, high-end virtual reality.


  • Steve Milton & Brett Volker of Listen
  • Tom Windish & Sam Hunt of Paradigm
  • Liz Heller of memBrain
  • Corey McGuire of Winston House
  • Bob Moczydlowsky of Techstars Music
  • Matthew Davis of [namethemachine]
  • Josh Levine of Rebel Radio