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Forbes: Two Bit Circus, The Carnival Painted With Pixels

August 22, 2018

Two Bit Circus, The Carnival Painted With Pixels

By Charlie Fink

Two Bit Circus, a new 37,000 s.f. “Micro-Amusement Park(™),” is set to open to the public September 7th. Located in Los Angeles’ thriving downtown arts district, the new carnival-themed high tech attraction is the brainchild of Brent Bushnell and Eric Gradman, who created STEAM Carnival, a high tech electronic learning festival that popped up in LA in 2014 and San Francisco in 2016. Two Bit Circus is a multi-faceted celebration of the new wave of out-of-home entertainment: custom escape rooms called Story Rooms, VR Cabanas (private rooms), VRcades, reimagined arcade games, free roam VR, and live interactive game shows…

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