Bionic Buzz:Two Bit Circus Micro-Amusement Park Tour

Two Bit Circus Micro-Amusement Park Tour

Bionic Buzz® got to cover media day of Two Bit Circus’s Micro-Amusement Park. Two Bit Circus is a location-based entertainment company exploring the future of fun. The team of artists, inventors, educators and performers build social games and experiences that aim to inspire, engage and reinvent the way people play. They are opening a network of Micro-Amusement Parks beginning with their downtown Los Angeles location. Two Bit Circus Micro-Amusement Parks are designed to be platforms where you play elbow-to-elbow among people who may have once been strangers. Inside, you’ll find the latest in immersive entertainment, multi-person virtual reality, an interactive theater, meta narratives and a full carnival canteen of molecular mixology and inventive eats. Smashing together everything we love about old school carnival games, circus performance, vintage video games, arcades and cutting edge future-tech, we created a brand new kind of social playspace. This place has a ton of…

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