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Read on to learn more about what’s happening at the circus.

Axios Dallas Visits The VR Gaming Lounge Tucked Away in the Shops at Park Lane

August 7, 2023

In a May 15, 2023 article, Axios highlights the Dallas arcade, Two Bit Circus, as a gaming lounge offering virtual reality and traditional games for all ages. The Dallas location, which opened in November, provides spaces for birthday parties and company events. The VR games include a spinoff of the Nintendo Switch game “Overcooked!,” a virtual dance-off with VR-enabled gloves, and a “Hyperdeck” game with a moving floor and weather effects.

Guests can buy “bits” to use for games, food, and drinks, with a dollar equating to 20 bits. The article suggests that $50 per person could cover food, dessert, two VR games, and other free play arcade games like “Connect Four” basketball and virtual “Twister.” The food is considered forgettable, but the carnival-themed bar offers locally brewed beers. It is recommended to reserve a time slot for the popular VR games.

Overall, Two Bit Circus provides an array of entertainment options, making it a fun destination for both kids and adults in Dallas.