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ABC7 Bay Area Explores the Future of Arcades at Two Bit Circus in Los Angeles!”

May 23, 2023

ABC7 Bay Area takes you on a journey to the future of arcades with Two Bit Circus! This cutting-edge interactive entertainment venue, located near Downtown Los Angeles, redefines the circus experience. Co-founded by Eric Gradman, the self-declared Mad Inventor, and Brent, Two Bit Circus elevates entertainment with virtual reality, story rooms, and innovative video games. The thrill of adventures is matched by a creative menu and a full bar, ensuring guests enjoy an unparalleled experience.

Following the massive success of their Arts District venue, Two Bit Circus has expanded, recently opening a new location in Dallas, Texas. From Santa Monica to North Hollywood, and all across Los Angeles, visitors can now immerse themselves in the wonder of Two Bit Circus. Explore this extraordinary micro-amusement park, where technology and spectacle come together, crafting cherished memories for all ages.