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Please scroll below this box to check our calendar below during this busy holiday season for hours and closures

Based on the rapidly evolving situation–we’re closing for the time being.

There’s still good, clean fun to be had (with freshly washed hands). Here are some things you can do at home to recreate the Two Bit Circus experience:

Make a cardboard arcade of your own. That 72-pack of toilet paper you bought from a scalper came in a box just the right size to make a brilliant carnival game for the whole family.
Create your own escape room! “Escape from Quarantine” is maybe a bit too on-the-nose, but use your judgement.
If you have a VR headset of your own, this random YouTube VR video will remind you what it’s like to be elbow-to-elbow with strangers outside. If you don’t have a VR headset of your own, then duct-tape your phone to the brim of your hat.
Get the gang together for drinks over Skype. The recipe for a Quarantini is… the same as a Martini, except you drink it alone.
Play a board game. Sing a song. Play D&D. Talk about the things you love with the people you love. We may all be stuck inside, but we don’t have to lose touch with the human side of all of this.

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Yes. Most areas of the park are accessible with the exception of the VIP Lounge upstairs. Most activities and games are also accessible. However, a few do require specific actions like standing and jumping from side to side.

While there’s something for everyone, many attractions require height and physical skills usually found in kids 7 or older. We recommend you review age recommendations and requirements on our website prior to your arrival in order to better customize your visit.

We have limited parking in our lot, two nearby public parking structures and plenty of street parking along Mateo.

Below are Parking Addresses:

1256 Palmetto St Los Angeles, CA 90013
660 Mateo Street Los Angeles, CA 90021
1381 E 6th Street Los Angeles, CA 90021

Do I need to buy a ticket to get in? Nope. Aside from some special events, regular admission into the park is free.

How do I book a group visit? Please call us during normal business hours to set up your next group or corporate event.

How do I join the tentpole society? We’re always keeping an eye on Circus visitors. If you prove yourself worthy of joining our science-infused social circuit we’ll invite you into the inner ring as a full-fledged Member.

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