Fun in Exile

Fun in Exile

Don’t let the scary news scare you… play Fun in Exile

You’re binge watching CNN Headline News. You’re compulsively reloading The Washington Post. You’re scrolling through Twitter. You’re suddenly an expert on foreign countries’ testing procedures, antiviral therapies, and fear-buying behavior worldwide. Worst of all, you’ve finished streaming…everything.

Don’t panic… use your newfound knowledge to play along online and you just might find yourself live on the show! 🧻🧻🧻

Join Two Bit Circus’ own Eric Gradman and Brent Bushnell for our live, play-from-home, interactive gameshow: FUN IN EXILE.


We’ll be back soon!

You’ll compete from your browser alongside our panel of celebrities, trapped in their houses hoarding microwave ramen just like you. Some lucky viewers will join us live on the air, and team up with our panelists.

The places we go for fun are closed and we’re all trapped at home. But fun isn’t dead… it’s just in exile. Sign up below to join us!

NOTE: Guest content is unfiltered. Expect this to be equivalent to an R-rated movie (for language and sexual innuendo). Not suitable for children unless you want to spend the rest of the night explaining what ass chaps are.

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