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Top 14 Group Activities in Dallas/Fort Worth 2023

Dallas, the vibrant heart of Texas, presents a diverse palette of group activities tailored to cater to both high-energy corporate team building events and relaxed group outings. Whether you’re looking for the best team building activities that challenge the mind and foster teamwork or seeking fun team building experiences that break the monotony of corporate […]

Two Bit Circus Team
Top 14 Group Activities in Dallas/Fort Worth 2023

Dallas, the vibrant heart of Texas, presents a diverse palette of group activities tailored to cater to both high-energy corporate team building events and relaxed group outings.

Whether you’re looking for the best team building activities that challenge the mind and foster teamwork or seeking fun team building experiences that break the monotony of corporate events, Dallas ensures there’s something engaging for every team.

Dive into the eclectic mix of adrenaline-pumping adventures and thoughtful problem-solving tasks, making the Big D a sought-after destination for group activities that truly bond and inspire.

Whether you’re seeking an entertaining activity for a tight-knit group or large groups, this guide has you covered. Discover the top spots guaranteed to captivate and engage every member of your party.

Here’s a look at the top 14 group activities in Dallas:

1. Two Bit Circus: Arcade, VR & Micro Amusement Park

Situated in the lively Arts District of Dallas, Two Bit Circus emerges as an epitome of boundless creativity and pioneering entertainment. This groundbreaking venue, whispered to be the creation of either futuristic time-travelers or brilliant robots, effortlessly marries time-honored amusements with state-of-the-art technology.

Its versatility shines, making it a hotspot not just for families seeking fun group activities suitable for all ages but also for corporate entities aiming for innovative team-building ideas.

From Fort-Worth to Dallas, it’s this potent mix of tangible and digital delights that magnetizes visitors, reinforcing Two Bit Circus as the premier destination for entertainment that transcends age and purpose. Book NOW!

  • Tech-Infused Carnival Games: Experience beloved carnival games, but not as you remember them. Two Bit Circus revamps these classics with cutting-edge technology, ensuring challenges that are both familiar and refreshingly new, inviting players to test their skills in ways they’ve never imagined.
  • VR/AR/XR Adventures: Step into breathtaking worlds where the boundaries between reality and fiction blur. Whether you’re exploring enchanted forests, facing futuristic challenges, or reliving historical events, the virtual, augmented, and extended realities at Two Bit Circus offer immersive experiences that transport you beyond the ordinary.
  • Interactive Theaters: More than just passive viewing, these theaters engage your senses in a symphony of sight, sound, and touch. Dive into stories, make decisions that influence outcomes, and feel a personal connection to narrative-driven journeys that are as thrilling as they are captivating.
  • Digital Playgrounds: The perfect amalgamation of the digital and the tangible, these playgrounds allow players to move, touch, and interact in a space that’s enhanced by virtual elements. Expect a dynamic environment where physical actions have digital repercussions, creating a playground that’s exhilarating and unpredictable.
  • Immersive Tales: Go beyond just hearing a story; live it. Two Bit Circus introduces narrative experiences that react and evolve based on your choices. Wander through tales that twist and turn around you, ensuring an adventure that’s unique every time.
  • State-of-the-Art Arcade: Celebrate the golden age of gaming and explore the future simultaneously. Two Bit Circus houses a vast collection ranging from the beloved arcade classics we all nostalgically remember to groundbreaking new games that push the boundaries of what an arcade can offer. Dive in, compete, collaborate, and let your inner gamer rejoice.

Searching for a unique off-site activity to enjoy with friends or connect with remote colleagues?

Dive into Two Bit Circus REMOTE! It’s a live, play-from-home (or even in-park) game show that promises a rush of excitement. Challenge yourselves with this rapid-fire quiz and see who emerges as the trivia champion!

A perfect blend of fun and camaraderie, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

Discover the Latest Promotions & Upcoming Events!

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2. Dallas Scavenger Hunt: A Colorful Deep Ellum Adventure

Group of friends looking at map in restaurant invites you on an exhilarating two-hour adventure set against the vibrant backdrop of Dallas. Rally your team members to decipher riddles, tackle challenges, and unearth the rich history embedded within the city’s iconic landmarks.

Initiate your scavenger hunt whenever your group is set and raring to go. Curious about the mechanics? Here’s how it functions.

This quest isn’t merely a game – it’s a journey that unveils the essence of Dallas. Ranked as one of the top Dallas scavenger hunts, this 1.19-mile adventure comprises 8 intriguing stops, each promising a slice of the city’s vibrant tapestry.

3. Trinity Forest Adventure Park

man on a zip line

Nestled in Dallas, the Trinity Forest Adventure Park offers an unmatched aerial experience. With high ropes courses tailored for both adrenaline enthusiasts and novices, the park boasts diverse military-style obstacles from zip lines to wobble bridges.

The color-coded courses, akin to ski trails, escalate in complexity, and prioritize safety with their “Always Attached” principle. While it’s an adventure haven for all ages, minors always require adult supervision.

4. Bad Axe: Axe Throwing

Ax over isolated white background

Dive into the exhilarating world of Bad Axe® Throwing, the original and unparalleled urban axe throwing experience. Whether you’re 8 or 80, seasoned coaches in Dallas ensure everyone can harness their inner warrior.

Perfect for team building events, parties, or any group celebration, their dedicated lanes and diverse throwing options—including the iconic “fireman axes” and knife throwing—guarantee a bonding experience like no other.

For businesses and groups looking to foster camaraderie in a unique setting, Bad Axe® offers an unforgettable outing that emphasizes collaboration, fun, and a hint of friendly competition.

5. Cozymeal: Cooking Classes

Chef working together in a professional kitchen - group activities in dallas

Elevate your next group gathering or fun team building activity with Cozymeal’s cooking classes in Dallas. Dive deep into the culinary world and bond over the shared experience of creating delicious meals.

Led by professional chefs, these classes cater to all skill levels, ensuring everyone gets to participate and learn. The hands-on approach not only educates participants about different cuisines but also encourages teamwork, communication, and problem-solving as everyone works towards a common goal: crafting a delectable dish.

Beyond just cooking, Cozymeal fosters camaraderie and collaboration, making it an ideal choice for both corporate teams and social groups eager to stir up memorable experiences together.

6. Taste of the Bishop Arts District Tour

Women having fun at food festival

Dive into the allure of the Bishop Arts District, a locale celebrated for its eclectic shops, mouth-watering cuisine, and vibrant history.

On this engaging walking and food tour, retrace the steps of iconic figures like Bonnie & Clyde, Oswald, and even Batgirl. Along the way, delve into unique galleries, visit standout shops, and tantalize your taste buds at renowned eateries.

Highlights might encompass a revered Texas BBQ joint, crowned by pitmasters as Dallas’ finest, and a captivating Bonnie & Clyde-themed restaurant.

7. Glassblowing in Arlington

Glassblower shaping a molten glass

Elevate your team-building experience in Arlington, Texas, with immersive glassblowing sessions at two renowned studios.

At North Arlington’s Arlington Glass Arts, groups of all skill levels can explore activities from basic glassblowing to intricate flameworking, all under expert guidance. Meanwhile, The Firehouse Glassblowing Studio in downtown Arlington offers tailored workshops ideal for corporate events, fostering collaboration and creativity in a captivating artistic setting.

Dive into this unique team-bonding opportunity and craft shared memories through glass artistry.

8. Improv for Life: Improv Classes

Man sitting on a chair looking at the camera

Beyond the spontaneous laughter and joy of improv, it’s a treasure trove of essential team dynamics skills, from adaptability and active listening to mindfulness and collaboration.

Improv for Life offers online sessions and immersive in-person workshops. Teams will embark on a journey of laughter, learning, and connection, emerging with enhanced interpersonal skills and stronger bonds.

With Improv for Life, it’s not just about boosting team morale; it’s about equipping them with tools for seamless collaboration and communication.

9. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Portrait of medieval young people in vintage clothing

Experience an unforgettable team-building adventure at Medieval Times, where your group can bond over a riveting 11th-century tournament and feast.

Amidst jousts, swordplay, and displays of equestrian skill, colleagues can relish a four-course meal, complete with the Castle’s signature dessert.

This unique outing, set against the backdrop of historic Spain, offers not just entertainment but an opportunity to foster camaraderie, making it a perfect choice for teams looking to unite and celebrate in style.

10. Giant Party Sports: Paintball in Plano

Playing paintball in the underground

Giant Party Sports is nestled within expansive fields, where groups can find the ideal setting to strengthen bonds, enhance communication, and boost teamwork.

With game zones crafted for strategic play, every match is not just about winning but also about collaborating, devising tactics, and trusting your teammates.

Whether your team is new to paintball or seasoned marksmen, their tailored scenarios ensure both fun and valuable learning outcomes. And after the heart-pounding matches, gather at our designated relaxation spots to debrief, bond, and celebrate the day’s triumphs.

11. Dallas Pedal Bar: Party Bike group activities in dallas


Experience Dallas like never before on the city’s favorite party bike, Dallas Pedal Bar!

Locals rave about this unique pedal-powered adventure, and once you hop on, you’ll see why. Equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system and dazzling LED lights, this pedal pub crawl is the ideal choice for any occasion – daytime hangouts, memorable nights out, birthdays, bachelorette and bachelor parties, corporate team-building, family get-togethers, or just because you’re in the mood for some pedal-powered fun!

Choose to book the entire bike for a private affair or grab individual seats for a communal tour.

12. Indoor Skydiving with iFly


Dive into the exhilarating world of indoor skydiving, a thrilling experience without the need to jump from a plane.

In iFly’s state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnel, you’ll feel the authentic sensation of freefalling from over 12,000 feet, all under the expert guidance of our seasoned instructors. Perfect for thrill-seekers of all skill levels, it’s an unmatched opportunity to create lasting memories, strengthen team bonds, and simply have a phenomenal time.

13. Dallas Museum of Art Team Events

Women looking at paintings

Dive into the cultural wonders at the Dallas Museum of Art!

Whether you’re marveling at modern installations or getting lost in ancient paintings and sculptures, there’s always a fresh perspective awaiting. Engage in interactive classes, enriching lectures, or captivating films tailored for art enthusiasts of all ages.

With a vast collection that boasts over 25,000 artworks, spanning a remarkable 5,000 years of creativity, it’s the perfect setting to bond, learn, and be inspired. Gather your group and embark on a journey through human creativity at the DMA!

14. Dallas Zoo

Giraffe eating

Gather your friends or team and embark on an unforgettable adventure at the Dallas Zoo!

Spread across 106 acres just south of downtown Dallas in Marsalis Park, it’s Texas’ largest zoological haven, hosting over 2,000 animals from 406 diverse species.

Whether you’re planning a laid-back day out with buddies or seeking a team-building activity with a twist, the rich history and vibrant exhibits of the Dallas Zoo offer the perfect backdrop for bonding, learning, and fun.


Whether you’re a corporate group looking for on-site team building ideas or just a bunch of friends searching for the next fun group activity in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, these options cater to various interests and group sizes.

From the unmatched immersive experiences at Two Bit Circus to the competitive spirit of axe throwing or the intellectual challenge of improv nights, Dallas has an activity waiting for every group. So gather your team members and explore what the city has to offer!

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