We are Two Bit Circus:

A band of mad scientists, roboticists, visual artists and storytellers. Our capabilities weave multiple disciplines into a breathtaking fusion of science, technology and creativity.

We truly live at the intersection of technology and spectacle. We engineer entertainment that is imaginative and interactive, blurring the line between physical and digital playgrounds to create a new world of social amusement.

Based in Los Angeles, our interdisciplinary team of artists, engineers, and entrepreneurs develop spectacular productions with the goal to inspire, engage, and reinvent the way people play.

How to Contact Two Bit Circus Corporation:

Corporate Address:
634 Mateo Street
2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Corporate Phone: (323) 438-9808


Our Capabilities:

Immersive Experiences:

Magic mirrors that create truly interactive augmented reality experiences. Live-action, social immersive “story rooms” that assess your super hero powers. Giant ball pits that use motion-sensing, reactive projection mapping. A desk lamp that lights via visualizations of live satellite uplinks/downlinks from NASA. Organic tequila
clouds that rain, well, tequila. We combine science and magic into spectacular activations. Have an idea that is impossible? Need an experience that is awesome? Let’s chat.

Events & Productions:

We produce our own events as well as those of our partners with mind-blowing games, interactive amusement, stage shows, aerialists, food and more.We entertain at scale! Our events fill venues measuring hundreds of thousands of square feet, entertaining tens of thousands of attendees.

Make Tank:

We design, build, and develop creative technology products and solutions in partnership with leading companies. Our projects range from robotics, mixed reality, computer vision, wearables and giant games that represent complex systems.

Virtual Reality:

We create exceptional virtual reality experiences by offering full service capabilities, from preproduction to delivery. Whether it’s custom haptic rigs for physical enhancement, or synchronized triggering for group viewings, we strive to enrich VR experiences beyond the ordinary.


  • team-1

    Brent Bushnell

    CEO & Roustabout

  • team-1

    Eric Gradman

    CTO & Mad Inventor

  • team-1

    Kim Schaefer


  • team-1

    Nancy Bennett

    Chief Creative Officer

  • team-1

    Hector Alvarez

    Creative Director

  • team-1

    Dan Busby

    Lead Engineer

  • team-1

    Aaron Pulkka

    Head of Production