Two Bit Circus

Virtual Reality

We are Architects of Immersion.

Two Bit Circus’ Virtual Reality division lives at the intersection of technology and spectacle with experience that is second to none. We engineer entertainment that is imaginative and interactive, blurring the line between physical and digital playgrounds to create a new world of social amusement.

Our diverse team of experts work with everyone from advertising agencies to space agencies; live action to interaction; and narrative to documentary. We have experience world wide, from Switzerland to China. With an unwavering commitment to problem solving, we have created immersive experiences that connect audiences to brands in unforgettable ways, and Activating visitors by the thousands on motion platform experiences.

We are not limited by hardware or technology; and currently develop across the full range of platforms from 360 video, to real time interactive virtual reality experiences.

Case Studies

Rio Olympics 2016

Ever hit a buzzer beater with the roar of a crowd in your ears?

Turret Motion Platform

Spinning circles around straightforward action

NFL Game Time

Sometimes the sidelines just won’t cut it.

Full Throttle

Sick of traffic and stoplights? Then buckle up.

NYFW | rag & bone

New York Fashion Week through the lens of rag & bone

NFL Immersed

Up close and personal with NFL teams as they prepare for game day

La La Land

A beautiful homage to the Oscar winning film, featuring an original medley by Sam Tsui.

“Higher” Music Video

The Naked and Famous' first ever music video captured in 3D 360 video

Tritonal: “Painting with Dreams” Concert

Two Bit Circus VR gives you the best seat in the house for this insanely fun EDM duo.

Young the Giant: “Silver Tongue” music video

New York Fashion Week through the lens of rag & bone

KCRW Sound in Focus: Nas Concert

On stage with NAS as he performs for thousands of fans.

YouTube Creator Series

Two Bit Circus and YouTube bring some of your favorite YouTube stars into VR.