Two ‘mad inventors’ have created a circus of the future

In a humming warehouse in Los Angeles, two self-proclaimed “mad inventors” are creating the future of fun with their start-up, Two Bit Circus

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Forget Disneyland: How about a Micro-Amusement Park?

Two Bit Circus Opens a New Window.is located inside a 6,000-square-foot, 1902-era former power plant, part of an industrial warehouse complex Opens a New Window.just down the road from the local samurai school Opens a New Window.

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This Circus Reinvents The Way People Play

From the moment you step inside the headquarters of Two Bit Circus, you’re immersed in a world of fun and games. The founders behind the company have turned their passion for interactive art into a thriving experiential entertainment company

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A Crazy All-Indoor Carnival Is Coming to the Arts District Next Year

A couple of interactive artists are hitting the Arts District next year with big plans to open an all-indoor amusement park, complete with room for food and drink. It’s going to be called Two Bit Circus, per LA Downtown News, and will offer everything from virtual reality games, lasers, and robots, to escape rooms and other interactive games…

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Two Bit Circus bringing a high-tech micro-amusement park to downtown L.A. in early 2018

This is huge, awesome news. In early 2018, experiential entertainment company Two Bit Circus will open the country’s first micro-amusement park in downtown Los Angeles. The company’s founders Brent Bushnell and Eric Gradman will house the high-tech park (that will have an old school carnival feel) inside of a former power plant in Lincoln Heights. The entrepreneurial duo are hoping it will be the first in a chain of such parks that will use technology to bring people together to play…

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This Company Is Transforming Your Childhood Amusement Park Experience

After years of doing pop-up events, Two Bit Circus is setting up a permanent, micro-amusement park in Los Angeles…

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Nerdy inventors to open countries first micro-amusement park in DTLA

A group of inventors is betting they can get millennials to put down their phones and play together in the country’s first micro-amusement park. Two Bit Circus is opening the first of a chain of small-scale amusement parks here in downtown L.A. in early 2018.  Their unique style of entertainment combines old school carnival fun and cutting edge technology — and they even have a robot bartender…

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Roll up, roll up! Two Bit Circus juggles sociability and technology as it expands into the micro-amusement park business

Two Bit Circus is an experiential entertainment company that creates immersive experiences using a fusion of technology and spectacle. The team of performers, inventors, artists and educators builds social games and experiences to engage, inspire and ultimately to reinvent the way people play…

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Cirque Du Click

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Dogs of Silicon Beach: 6 startups brag about their office pets

Whether it’s a way to lighten the mood in the office or ease the work-life balance of employees, more and more companies are understanding the value of a dog-friendly office space. Here are seven startups where pups play a vital role in company culture…

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The future of fun: How Two Bit Circus uses lasers, fire and tech to make sure you never grow up

Very few startups boast a liberal usage of lasers and explosions, but Two Bit Circus isn’t your average tech startup.

With a portfolio littered with projects like a STEAM carnival, a live-action game room that puts players in the cockpit of a spaceship, and a wise-cracking robot bartender, it’s easy to see why co-founder Eric Gradman describes his company as “the future of fun.”…

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This Week in Making: ChickTech Meetup, Dark Souls Props, and Robotic Arms

Two Bit Circus (@TwoBitCircus) is a Los Angeles engineering entertainment company that brought people together with their wonderful creations like a Bartending Robot and the STAR Labs Mobile Research Unit seen on The CW’s The Flash. Two Bit Circus expanded their mission this past Tuesday and became a foundation. Partnering with T4T.org (@T4Torg), a nonprofit that salvages manufactured goods to use for educational purposes, Two Bit Circus hopes this new foundation will help promote community engagement within the education system for the next generation of makers and creators…

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High-tech circus: The future of entertainment?

Two Bit Circus, based out of Los Angeles, is mixing engineering and technology with a carnival atmosphere to create “new styles of interaction, new styles of play” for big brands and curious audiences…

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Two Bit Circus and T4T.org Announce Launch of Two Bit Circus Foundation – Revolutionizing The Way Communities Approach STEAM Learning

Two Bit Circus, an engineering entertainment company, and T4T.org (T4T), a non-profit organization that salvages manufactured goods to use for educational projects, today announced the launch of Two Bit Circus Foundation, a non-profit educational organization designed to cultivate the next generation of inventors, advance environmental stewardship and spur community engagement…

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This Startup Is Building Tiny Amusement Parks for Grown-Ups

Two Bit Circus Inc. co-founder and onetime clown Brent Bushnell spends his days playing games. In a converted warehouse in East Los Angeles, the 38-year-old races around a 10-foot-tall hexagonal tower, frantically pressing buttons in an attempt to beat the clock. He scores, high-fiving a guest who guesses, correctly, that it’s a giant, multiplayer version of Bop It!, the popular 1990s game that prompts players to twist, crank, spin, and pull knobs and levers…

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Two Bit Circus Adds Kimberly Schaefer, Real Estate Entertainment Exec, To Lead Micro-Amusement Park Business

Two Bit Circus, an experiential entertainment company, today announced that Kimberly Schaefer joined the company as the lead of its location-based entertainment and micro-amusement park business….

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Cirque du Solei: If I Ran the Circus

I’m seated on the inner edge of a cerceau—a thin, white hoop, suspended from the ceiling by a wire. My fingers tighten around the sides of the apparatus as my legs dangle, frighteningly far from the ground. I try to look casual, but it’s hard to feel at ease while perched, sans harness, on this raised-up roost. My mind wanders to the fine print on my insurance plan. (Are aerial hoop accidents covered under workers’ compensation?) That doesn’t exactly help me relax: I’m still recovering from the earlier routine when I hung from the hoop by my hands while spinning spasmodically…

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Why public VR experiences could beat at-home headsets

The figures are in, and consumer spending on virtual reality hardware was surprisingly low in 2016. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Sony’s Playstation VR all underperformed against the market’s expectations, leaving some to wonder about the industry’s prospects in 2017. But disappointing sales aren’t the only thing these high-end systems have in common…

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Night on Broadway draws 70,000 people to DTLA

Before reading this article, pull up the calendar on your smartphone and schedule in Night on Broadway festival, January 27, 2018 from 4PM to 11PM. If you haven’t been to this event before, I promise, you will not be disappointed. The festival is one of the hottest events to attend in Los Angeles. I stumbled upon Night On Broadway in 2015 and returned this past weekend for a second visit. The event is a free arts and music festival that takes place on Broadway Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles.  Broadway was a retail and entertainment hub in the early part of the Twentieth Century but after World War II it began to decline steadily as Angelenos relocated and their entertainment needs changed…

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Two Bit Circus planning series of next-gen micro-amusement parks

Entertainment engineering collective Two Bit Circus have announced plans to build a portfolio of next-generation micro-amusement parks fuelled with the latest AR and VR technologies. The Los Angeles, California-based Two Bit Circus – founded in 2012 by Brent Bushnell and Eric Gradman – aims to bring the exciting side of engineering and technology to life for a younger generation, …

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Tech and Spectacle Intersect at Two Bit Circus

As if the name didn’t give it away, Two Bit Circus is not your traditional engineering firm. The company places itself on the crux of developing technology and interfaces that are just too difficult to fake. Live-action video games, virtual reality experiences, and the cutting edge entertainment for groups are what make Two Bit Circus a whole new kind of company.

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Samsung VR puts you in the middle of a ’24’ firefight

I’ve always wanted to be Jack Bauer.

Samsung, the producers of “24,” and some virtual reality got me partway there.

On Monday evening, Samsung unveiled its latest VR experience, a three-minute program called “The Raid” that serves as a prequel to the upcoming Fox show “24: Legacy.”

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Create a customizable animal robot

Art may be the key entry point to STEM, especially for girls, according to a new survey released today on the gender gap in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)-based activities for children.

Two Bit Circus, an engineering entertainment company, surveyed a recent audience of more than 500 parents to understand gender differentiators in how children play and learn in relation to STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) activities.

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Create a customizable animal robot

Our pals at Two-Bit circus have designed this paper craft robotic owl, to give kids a “taste of basic mechanical principles, electronics and programming.” It looks really cool.

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Two Bit Circus begins Kickstarter for Oomiyu kit to inspire young inventors

Two Bit Circus has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its Oomiyu, a Maker kit that combines art with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education to inspire creativity in young inventors.

The project is the latest creative tech from the Los Angeles company started by Brent Bushnell, the son of famous Atari cofounder Nolan Bushnell. The kit focuses on art as a key entry point to STEM, especially for girls.

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Two Bit Circus begins Kickstarter for Oomiyu kit to inspire young inventors

Two Bit Circus has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its Oomiyu, a Maker kit that combines art with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education to inspire creativity in young inventors.

The project is the latest creative tech from the Los Angeles company started by Brent Bushnell, the son of famous Atari cofounder Nolan Bushnell. The kit focuses on art as a key entry point to STEM, especially for girls.

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New Survey Explores Gender Gap in STEAM Education and Extracurricular Activities for Kids

Two Bit Circus, an engineering entertainment company, today released a new survey report highlighting the gender gap in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math)-based activities for children, revealing art as the key entry point to STEM, especially for girls.

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The circus is coming to town — the Two Bit Circus that is.

And today the think tank troupe of self-described artisanal engineers is launching a Kickstarter campaign to produce the STEAM Carnival. This isn’t bearded ladies and strong men carnival fare. This is a tech bent affair focused on hooking kids with the thrill of cool education. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art and math. Think educational entertainment. The makers behind this circus maximus want to inspire the youth to pursue careers in the sci-tech world. It’s like a World’s Fair for the iPhone set. [read full article]

It’s a Sideshow! It’s Scientific! It’s STEAM Carnival!

Two entrepreneurs hope to teach kids about science and technology via a traveling attraction that’s both new-wave and old-timey.

Not every session at the D11 conference involves one or more tech or media executives in conversation with Kara Swisher and/or Walt Mossberg. The first segment this afternoon was a sneak peak at STEAM Carnival, a Kickstarter project which aims to bring a new-age traveling interactive event to major cities, beginning with Los Angeles and San Francisco in early 2014. And as you can see from the photo above, its creators brought part of the carnival with them. [read full article]

Science- And Tech-Focused ‘STEAM Carnival’Hits Its Kickstarter Goal

Looks like Kickstarter can add “reimagined” carnivals with “robots, fire, and lasers” to the list of things that its users have crowdfunded. Earlier today, an event called the STEAM Carnival, put together by a company called Two Bit Circus, reached its $100,000 Kickstarter goal. The initials are a twist on STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math — the A adds “art” to the equation. [read full article]

Steam Carnival Is One Big Traveling Nerd Circus.

Here’s Why You Should Go

We’ve heard a lot about STEM education lately. But what about STEAM education? The creators of a think tank called Two Bit Circus are convinced that “Arts” is what’s missing from STEM to make it fun and entertaining. So they’ve decided to marry the two in a big-top way: By launching a wacky carnival that includes gadgets and games you might expect to see at a science fair. [read full article]

STEAM carnival mixes the digital with the physical

The All Things D conference that is taking place here is known for attracting the biggest luminaries in tech, from Apple CEO Tim Cook to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. But I’d venture to say that none of the people invited to appear on stage needed clearance from the fire department ahead of time. That is until the fellows from a startup called STEAM Carnival turned up. [read full article]

Two Bit Circus, a Startup That’s Bringing the Carnival Midway Game Into the 21st Century

If it weren’t for all the life-sized board games, disassembled robot parts and electronic contraptions curiously sprawled in every corner of Two Bit Circus’ Lincoln Heights headquarters, you might mistake it for the kind of trendy new tech startup that dots the Silicon Valley coast. Its staff of 30 inventors, engineers and designers, all in their 20s and 30s, sit at desks across a loftlike space. [read full article]

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