Spinning circles around straight-forward action


Attendees at Paramount’s annual VR on the Lot industry event had a chance to try out a haptic VR experience that made their heads spin. Leading the charge on all content across platforms, Digital Domain dove into VR without thinking twice. To showcase their expertise in the emerging medium of VR they crafted an experience that puts users in a virtual gunner turret underneath a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber. Committed to pushing the boundaries, Digital Domain partnered with Two Bit Circus to dream bigger, pushing the user’s experience to the limits with a haptic component that lets users physically spin and tilt their aim as they whip through the sky to blast enemy aircraft out of the air. In a conference full of groundbreaking VR content, sometimes you have to take to the skies.

  • Date: October 2016
  • Client: Digital Domain
  • Our Role: Hardware Fabricators
  • Key Capabilities: Custom hardware solution, software support


The Solution

Pushing the boundaries of the tactile VR experience, we leaned on our expertise in rapid prototyping and hardware fabrication. We work best without limitations, luckily for us the sky wasn’t the limit, it was the baseline for success.  

Using the latest in haptic feedback and a breadth of gears and gizmos we built two haptic turrets featuring three axes of movement and continuous 360 degree rotation allowing for sustained lateral G-forces. When all was said and done, our haptic build outs allowed VR users to truly feel the thrill of being in the seat of a ball turret gunner, including the ability to tilt far enough back to simulate a full airplane loop-the-loop.

A smashing success at VR on the Lot, the Gunner experience is a fantastic example of collaborative success spearheaded by Digital Domain. Wowing VR first-timers and veterans alike, the haptic Gunner experience was live for three days at VR on the Lot and now lives on at two Digital Domain locations — one in the US, the other in China.


“Digital Domain’s Gunner marked the company’s entrance into original VR content production. Digital Domain has always sought out partnerships with visionary companies sharing a high standard for product excellence. In partnering with Two Bit Circus, Digital Domain was able to deliver a VR experience that blazes new trails in the VR industry by marrying innovative content with true-to-life haptics. Two Bit Circus delivered a cutting-edge product that enhances a project we are all proud of.”

Digital Domain