Tequila Cloud

Seriously. It rains actual, delicious tequila.

Winters in Germany are long. <cue bleak violins> They’re cold. Gray. Cloudy. And Long.

That’s why LAPIZ and the Mexican Tourism Board partnered with Two Bit Circus to create Tequila Cloud.

Tequila cloud is a warm Jalisco afternoon, packed up in a crate and shipped to Berlin to invite rain-soaked Germans to escape to Mexico for the winter.  Visitors to the Urban Spree Art Gallery in Berlin found a big fluffy cloud hanging in the room above a stainless steel reflecting pool. Through the use of ultrasonic vaporizers and artificial wind system (fans), we created the convincing illusion of a rolling, living cloud enshrouded in a fine mist of tequila vapor.  The installation was unveiled during the rainiest month of the year for Germans, and each time it rained on Berlin, the cloud erupted in a display of thunder and lightning and rained down real, premium, Tequila. Visitors gathered round, filled their glasses, and relaxed with the true flavor of a warm day in Mexico.

Header photo credit: LAPIZ

  • Date: All the time
  • Client: LAPIZ and the Mexican Tourism Board
  • Our Role: Design, fabrication, lighting design, sound design
  • Key Capabilities: Custom entertainment activation