Verizon/NFL Game Time

Sometimes the sidelines just won’t cut it.


With an ever-increasing portfolio of interactive and engaging event activations, Wasserman Media Group set their eyes on Super Bowl XLIX to make their next big splash. With the rise of virtual reality, Wasserman wanted to take the NFL fan experience beyond the next level, instead pushing for the next reality. Wasserman approached Two Bit Circus with a crazy, innovative idea — let’s give fans the chance to enter the perspective of an NFL punt returner, from their lightning fast speed to the tangible heart-pounding exhilaration of playing on game day. With a staggering number of cameras capturing the on-field action, where can you take fans that they’ve never been before?

  • Date: February 2015
  • Client: Wasserman Media Group
  • Our Role: VR Production Company and Haptic Build
  • Key Capabilities: Custom haptic hardware, VR production, software creation, event throughput

 The Solution

To help make this happen, we leaned on our experience with virtual reality haptic experiences. The challenges were great, but our engineers and coffee supplies were greater.

By creating a custom VR camera array and modifying existing camera dollies, we built a remote control camera system capable of simulating the speed and gait of a NFL punt returner. By the time the experience went live in Arizona there were multiple haptic platforms delivering vibrations into the fans feet, massive NFL helmets creating spatialized audio around the fan and a jaw-dropping VR experience deserving of a touchdown dance.

At the end of Super Bowl weekend thirty thousand fans had a chance to step into the shoes of an NFL punt returner over the course of three days. The experience enjoyed an extended run in various NFL stadiums and select Verizon stores around the country.