Local Motors

Local Motors believes that a bright and sustainable future requires a community co-creators.  In early 2016, Local Motors engaged Two Bit Circus to help inform and inspire first-time visitors (mainly families) to their Washington D.C. microfactory. To do so, we built a miniature representation of the community around them complete with familiar landmarks and geography. We constructed this Cityscape from recycled materials normally found in a maker space such as cardboard, 3D filaments, wood. Visitors  are invited to co-create this Cityscape, to design a new vehicle, create a new building to add to the landscape. They become architects and build the city as they imagine it, using locally available, co-created materials and design concepts.

This centerpiece presents Local Motor’s vision of local microfactories creating outrageous moonshots to the cities of the future, imagining how our most vital and immediate ecosystems might evolve in realization of Local Motors’s core principles of co-creation, local manufacturing and sustainability.