Verizon/Indycar | Full Throttle

Sick of traffic and stoplights? Then buckle up.


Indycar fans across the country have felt the itch to put their pedal to the metal. From all walks of life, fans of speed have made their way to the Indycar race tracks. As a fan, sometimes being stuck in the stands is as bad as being stuck in traffic. The sleek Indycar designs and roaring engines are hard to imagine from a distance, so Wasserman Media Group came to Two Bit Circus hoping to change that. Together we created a chance for Indycar fans to get up close and personal with the sport they love.  

  • Date: May 2014
  • Client: Wasserman Media Group
  • Our Role: VR Production Company and Haptic Build
  • Key Capabilities: Custom haptic hardware, VR production, software creation, event throughput

 The Solution

Taking fans from the bleachers and putting them in an Indycar simulator required our expertise in boundary pushing virtual reality production and haptic fabrications. With less than two months to execute Wasserman’s creative vision, our team feels a certain kindred spirit with the Indycar drivers — we both like to move fast.  

Powered by stereoscopic 360-degree capture technology and a special flair for rapid-prototyping, we built a custom Delara fiberglass replica motion platform of the Verizon #12 Indycar. Featuring 4D effects that simulate wind whipping past the user and 1 to 1 actuators that made every virtual turn feel breathtaking, fans had the ride of their lives.

With a constant eye towards the future, the Indycar VR simulator is still on tour with Indycar to this day — highlighting the future-proof approach we take to all of our creations.