Dunk Tank Flambe

Just your ordinary dunk tank. Oh, but instead of water,
it’s a 30ft column of fire.

So, we’ve all seen the traditional carnival dunk tank. Seated above a tank of water, the victim taunts the audience, heckling the player incessantly.  Players have to throw a baseball at a target, and if they strike a bullseye, the heckler is plunged into the water with a satisfying splash. You might be asking ask yourself “what could be more fun than that?”

Well, we’ve got an answer to that. In our Dunk Tank Flambé, the heckler doesn’t just get their hair wet. No, when our players hit the mark, it triggers 12 high pressure liquid propane flame effects and whoever is inside the tank is engulfed in a 30ft column of howling flames. It actually is as mad as it sounds.

Not to worry. The volunteer inside the tank is outfitted in a state-of-the-art flame retardant suit and while it does get a bit warm, they are perfectly safe.  Nonetheless, a roaring tornado of flames is a hell of a thing to see from the inside, even in a fire-proof suit.  It’s like watching a rocket launch….. from a front row seat on the launch pad.

If you get a chance, come try it out. Our Dunk Tank Flambé is setup at events throughout the US year round and is even available for hire.  Hit us up at events@twobitcircus.com for information on how you can bring this contraption to your next event. Or follow us on twitter, instagram, or facebook to find out when Dunk Tank Flambé will be appearing in your area.

  • Date: All the time
  • Client: Two Bit Circus
  • Our Role: Inventor
  • Key Capabilities: Custom LP flame effects, Custom game design and installation