The circus is coming!

And we’re hiring over 70 open positions at our first micro-amusement park!

Two Bit Circus is a mad band of inventors, performers, and entertainers based in Los Angeles. We’ve long been known for our forays in experiential entertainment, but now we’ve thought up something even bigger.

We’re building our first micro-amusement park here in LA! We’re currently seeking to fill over 70 open positions in the park, everything from robot bartender wranglers, game attendants, guest services, kitchen wizards, and a whole lot more!

The facility will be 35,000 square feet of wild playable contraptions, immersive experiences, and the kind of ridiculous food and beverages that you snap photos of before diving in. It’s re-imagined arcade games, high tech carnival games, a VR playground, escape rooms, immersive theater, and other new forms of entertainment.

It’s everything we love about old school carnival games, circus performance, vintage video game arcades, and cutting edge future-tech. We smashed them all together at high velocity to create a brand new kind of social playspace. Yeah, we know it sounds a little insane, but it’s not.

It’s a lot insane.

Current DTLA Openings