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Our Creations

We are a band of mad scientists, artists, inventors, storytellers, educators and performers.

We build big games, tell stories with technology, and make liberal use of lasers, fire and robots.* We truly live at the intersection of technology and spectacle, engineering entertainment that is imaginative and interactive. We blur the line between physical and digital playgrounds to create a new world of social amusement.

We waive all responsibility for accidental violations of physics and/or eyebrow injuries.

Case Studies

Robot Bartender

Gearmo, our robot bartender does more than dispense drinks.

Rio Olympics 2016

Ever hit a buzzer beater with the roar of a crowd in your ears?

Turret Motion Platform

Spinning circles around straightforward action

La La Land

A beautiful homage to the Oscar winning film, featuring an original medley by Sam Tsui.

Full Throttle

Sick of traffic and stoplights? Then buckle up.

NFL Game Time

Sometimes the sidelines just won’t cut it.

Dunk Tank Flambe

Just your ordinary dunk tank. Oh, but instead of water, it's a 30ft column of fire.

Tequila Cloud

2BC partners to create a cloud that rains real tequila


An innovative new maker kit for young inventors.

Local Motors

Co-created Cityscape at Local Motors' DC microfactory

Space Squad In Space

Immersive live-action adventure

STEAM Carnival

A traveling event that inspires Inventors through Science, Tech, & Art

Mobile STAR Labs

Test your abilities in this mobile STAR Labs facility