Red Nose Photo Contest @ SXSW: Win 4 Tickets to STEAM Carnival!

By March 13, 2014 No Comments

Join our Two Bit Circus troupe of creative artists
and engineers in having some red nose fun for the week!

You’ll be automatically entered to win 4 STEAM Carnival tickets for our Los Angeles carnival debut!

Contest Duration: March 8th – March 14th

Contest Requirements: Red nose, the hashtag #TwoBitCircusTakeover, posting to your favorite social channel like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and having a blast at SXSW.

More Contest Information…

We’ll be traveling the #SXSW circuit presenting at panels and bringing giant social amusements to different parties throughout the week. You can check out our full SXSW calendar here. When you find us, ask one of our 2BC crew for a red nose. Once you have your red nose the fun is just beginning.

Snap pictures wearing your red nose at SXSW parties, panels, mixers, blogger lounges, street corners, concerts, or grabbing a pint with friends. Make sure to tag each one with the oh so snazzy hashtag#TwoBitCircusTakeover and then post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Every photo is an entry to win! How creative can you get with location, people, and set-up? Our 2BC team will select the most interesting and hilarious photo to win a pack of 4 STEAM Carnival tickets to our Los Angeles carnival launching this Fall on October 26-26. Surprise us! Inspire us! Bring the circus with you wherever you go and join our cast and crew to show your carny love.

*Winner will be selected on Tuesday, March 18th, and notified online.

**Photos must include red noses and be tagged with #TwoBitCircusTakeover to be valid contest entries.