Two Bit Circus is a band of mad scientists, roboticists, artists, and storytellers. We build big physical games, tell stories with technology, and make liberal use of lasers, fire and robots. Awesome, right? We’re currently building a micro-amusement park in Los Angeles featuring the best next-generation entertainment. It’s gonna blow your mind.

We have a core belief that games and technology have an unparalleled ability to bring people together. Having people enjoy shared experiences powered by technology is at the heart of what we do, and Virtual Reality offers so many exciting ways to do this. With VR, we can drop you and your friends into a world limited only by a developer’s imagination. Well… also limited by hardware constraints.
HTC’s new Vive Tracker is knocking down some of those barriers. We can attach a tracker to any object and bring even more of the world into VR with you. When HTC gave us the chance to be among the first to experiment with their new tracker, the application was obvious: Piñata Party! We attached one Tracker to a Piñata and another one to a foam baseball bat. Just add bailing wire, string, and some birthday-party engineering, and we were ready to play.
Piñata Party is a physics-based VR game where players must smash the crap out of real piñata and vacuum up its sweet, sweet candy before time runs out. Players can pick their favorite melee weapon (baseball bat, club, or frozen fish) and use it to attack the piñata.
We hope you have as much fun with the new Vive Trackers as we did, which is why we’re releasing the Unity3d project files for this game for free. Want to replace the donkey with your favorite superhero or your least favorite politician? Bummed that there aren’t enough zombies in this game? Go nuts. And don’t forget to share.
Was this project unconventional? Maybe. Delicious? Absolutely. Thanks again to HTC for letting us play, and also for their calm reaction to our plan to attach their limited quantity engineering samples to blunt-force instruments.