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Do Not Disassemble!

By July 16, 2013 No Comments
By: Eric Gradman

We’ve been making games and projects for years. But for many of our best projects there’s scarcely a photograph to document them. Why? Because I (Eric) exhibit a complete lack of foresight when it comes to disassembling old projects to build new ones. Not long after a game has undergone a successful test, I begin eyeing all those useful computers and components. What crazy invention will they wind up in next?

Well, our Kickstarter success is starting to change all that. We’re building a Carnival, and that Carnival needs lots of GAMES… Not one game constructed from the remains of the last game which was constructed from the remains of the last game…

One way to change behavior is with incentives. If there’s one thing I love more than BUILDING things, it’s SHOWING THEM OFF. As we increasingly play host to individuals and organizations interested in the Carnival, we’re giving more frequent demos. And so I struggle constantly to keep my hands off the working demos when I’m making something new.

Our Los Angeles workshop is bursting with activity, and it’s hard to keep everything running and looking nice amidst such chaos. Which is why I’m so excited that in September we’re opening a dedicated demo space in space adjacent to the Big Top. It’ll be like a tiny, compressed STEAM Carnival that runs all the time and where the cotton candy never runs out. It’s a place where our games can stay functional, stay clean, and most importantly stay isolated from my cannibalistic impulses.