Carny College Apprenticeship Program

By May 3, 2014 No Comments

Are you interested in learning more about…

  • Design?
  • Game development?
  • Engineering?
  • Fabrication?
And want to have an amazing time doing it?!!

We’re creating our first ever Carny College this summer, running June-August (and maybe longer!) at our Big Top in Los Angeles. We’re looking to take on wiz kids ready to dive into the circus and hone their inventor skills in a unique entertainment environment. You’ll be making games and new projects every week learning from born carny’s, rapid prototyping ideas the moment they’re hatched, and play testing them on audiences around the city.

We’ll document the whole process sharing YouTube videos of your multiple iterations, incredible successes, and massive fails to show people all over the world the creative process that invention requires.  Your unique skills, personality, and talent will be showcased as you grow and transmogrify. And if you know what transmogrify means, you’re awesome!

  • 18 years old or over
  • Basic understanding of coding, circuitry, electronics, and fabrication tools
  • Team mindset who plays well with others
  • Not afraid to present on stage or talk to a camera
  • Works, and works quickly
  • Not afraid of failure

We’re looking for 6-8 of the best Carny College Candidates, so if you think you have what is takes, send your resumé to with “Carny College Candidate” in the subject line. We’ll contact you if we see a potential good fit. Can’t wait carnies!
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