The circus is coming!

Beta Players needed

Hyperisumia* (laughing too much) is a serious medical condition. Sufferers report such symptoms as chortling, guffawing, sniggering, snorting, hee-hawing, side stitches, involuntary aisle rolling, and in acute cases, sudden violent beverage blurting.

If you are concerned about the risks of Hyperisumia we do not recommend you sign up as a Two Bit Circus Beta Player.

Beta Players will be first in line to set foot in our 30,000+ square foot play-space in downtown LA.  You’ll roam around in our menagerie of mad inventions before the doors even open to the public and will be given nothing to protect you from unmitigated enjoyment.

You’ll be subjected to wild immersive entertainment experiences, death-defying VR and Mixed Reality, irresponsibly delicious foods, mad-science mixology, and of course, reckless use of lasers, fire, and robots.

Beyond the inherent risks of laughter, Two Bit Circus is teeming with ooohs and aaahs and flagrant hi-fiving. People kick back and throw their feet up with little or no warning and we do not regulate dancing in any way whatsoever.

Nonetheless, if you’re sturdy to the rigors of high-velocity fun, we invite you to sign up and join our Beta Players.

* It’s entirely possible we made up this term. 

Beta nights!

Want to experience and debug our latest inventions and attractions before they go live?

Sign up here to request access to our private Beta nights.

*Our attorneys require us to disclose that such bugs may include, but are not limited to, singed eyebrows, robot uprisings and accidental violations of physics.